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Default Silver Ring and a Heart Stopping Coin

Loving a site Iíve been on a few times, tons of clad, a few old coins, jewelry and odds and ends from the time this was a farm before itís public use. That and the tons of pull tabs and bottle caps are helping me learn the new ORX.
Today I got in a couple hours in the sunny field and temps in the 40ís.
The first nice find was a sterling silver ring with a black stone.
The heart stopper was a penny sized coin. I was wiping it off to see if was a wheat and an eagle popped up. Now, Iíve heard of a flying eagle cent but would not recognize one, but when I saw the eagle on this coin I got very excited, but on turning it over I read the words ďfor replay only No cash valueĒ
So itís an old arcade token. Seems to be old but I cannot pin down a date on initial searchís.
Iíve found the old buttons below on separate searchís. All seem older. (Silver dime for size reference found there as well)
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