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Default Two locations, Two Sterlings

First location of the day was sports field have not been to in a very long time. For the day, I find about 80% of my finds there and the one crushed sterling ring. This ring is positioned 2nd or to right side in the photos.

While at the field, I noticed some contractors on the next property over doing extensive renovation work to a small 1950's bungalow style house. After some small shop talk with the them, they gave me permission to hunt the property as the property will be sold/flipped again. About 20% of my finds were recovered there and another sterling ring for the day. The ring looks to have been cut and resized and as to possibly being an older style wedding ring.

The jewelry that I have been finding as of lately, are definitely in the deeper range.

Overall, I'll gladly take in some silver rings as I'm kind of forgetting what a silver coin looks like anymore! Thanks for stopping by!
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