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Iíd be interested to hear what you all are using for your electrolysis. I rigged something up using a spare 12v power supply I had laying around initially. It worked great, but I had one coin come out with a chunk burned off of the side. I couldnít be sure if that was from the electrolysis or from corrosion (it had been pretty caked). I just bought an Ugly Box to give me a bit more control, but Iím not seeing the same results with the 9v battery (reading about 6.5v-8v normally) as I was with the 12v.

Also, do you ever find that your treated items come out completely black? Whenever I use electrolysis on coins, they come out completely black and have to be buffed with baking soda to get them back to shiny. Even then, most of my silver that I have tried ends up slightly orange.
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