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Originally Posted by Dan B View post
I bought the new Garrett Z-Lynk pin pointer. How disappointing. It would sometimes pair, sometimes not. It would jump in and out of pairing while recovering the target. Sometimes it would just go into vibrate mode randomly. So I returned it and got another. Worked well for a couple days, now itís behaving the same. Iím also on my forth WT-1 transmitter. Bought an AT-Max in. March and the coil was bad. Had to return that. My ATPro faceplate started separating from the detector right in the middle of the display, so I had to get a new one. My original black pinpointer button went bad within the first year. Sadly, I think the quality of Garrett products is at an all time low. Itís a good thing they have great service, because youíre sure going to need it.

By the way, Iím back to swinging a Vaquero. At least that works well 100% of the time.
And look what you could have bought if you'd have added all that return postage costs to the initial purchase

Well, if you went "back" to a Vaquero, it shows you're learning

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