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Originally Posted by DIGGER27 View post
simply stick my digger in the dirt next to that signal a few inches deep like I was going to dig a plug but I don't.
I just pull the blade back a bit and lift the dirt up slightly and rescan.
Doing this breaks what we call the "Iron Halo"
Boy, I remember those targets. Dig down seven or eight inches in hard clay then you begin to see the tell-tell red oxide color of rust. If I had only read this back when I was swinging the MXT it would have save me a ton of aggravation.

I still have my MXT, coils and Sunray inline pinpointer. I just can't bring myself to part with them. Very dependable and deep. Learn to recognize "whispers" and you'll be a happy man.

As for being a little heavy,,, yes they are. I used to run a long bungee cord from the belt loop above my left rear pants pocket, over my right shoulder, then around the pistol grip of the MXT. That would support the weight, yet still let me stretch it out easily. As an extra benefit,,, it kept my pants up while detecting also. You can get a commercially made sling, but a bungee will take the load off just as well.

Have fun and happy hunting!!

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