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Originally Posted by Chipk View post
Not familiar with any particular value to Ď64 nickels.

But let me share this oddity I found. Originally thought paint was splattered on this nickel but itís copper. Now nickels do contain copper but not as a layer but mixed with nickel. This may be 1) an experimental coin the mint was checking on or 2) stamped on the wrong planchet. Trying to determine where to have it checked out.
Hope the attached link helps explain what you have.

The value on improper annealing coins depends upon the grade and rarity of the each coin. A nickel or quarter versus a Eisenhower dollar.
A Very Fine coin grade versus Almost Uncirculated.
For a modern dated nickel, maybe $10-$15. Yours may be more desirable because of the look...could pull more on eBay.

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