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Originally Posted by cellrdwellr View post
Nice digs man, you aren't coming out this way at all are you? Gotta be cold over there in OH it was just below freezing here this morning. Congrats and good luck!

Originally Posted by coin whisperer View post
Hope you find that large! If I don’t find it first lol!

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Originally Posted by WyoTom View post
Good luck! I hope you get it!!

Originally Posted by Ohiodigger View post
I bet you guys drove right past my house......

Originally Posted by Saltshaker View post
Awesome ol goodies there. Nice finds for sure and I love that ring, definitely an old one.

Originally Posted by L0S3R View post
Nice silver thimble [emoji1303][emoji1303]

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Best find to date - 15g platinum ring

Thanks y’all! Hopefully the updates will have some nice finds.

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