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Originally Posted by ManInTheWaLL View post
....So the "Treasure" is out there somewhere.
Why necessarily this conclusion in that story ? Because here's 2 other plausible outcomes :

1) D.B. Cooper survived the parachute jump, left only some of the $$ there, and hiked off with the rest. And spent it elsewhere. Hence : "no treasure out there" now.

2) Other person(s) before, or after, the kid, likewise found $$. And DIDN'T run to alert the authorities. And instead : Spent it elsewhere. Hence: "no treasure out there" now.

But notice that the instinct in stories like this (and all the others) is to mentally bypass other explanations. This is our inborn nature to want to believe-so-hard (lest you be laughed at all the way to the bank).

For example, your conclusion was NOT that it "might" still be there. Your conclusion was that it WAS still there. This is because when it comes to treasure, we all subconsciously put critical thinking aside. And ... everything gets interpreted around "Fabulous treasure" instead.
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