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Yep, I made myself a little tool, to assist with removing those batteries, because it just makes things easier and quicker. There's less chance of slips and drops, which can of course result in a broken battery holder, and all it actually amounts to, is a small wedge, made from some non-metallic material. I keep two around now, one in my "spare battery" pouch, and one that stays on the work bench in my shop, where I usually charge my batteries. Nothing fancy - just functional !

the clothes-pin is just for size comparison
maybe a hint, as to a good place to start
(should you want to make one)
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I pop out the top battery first (the one that doesn't touch the spring), and the second one is a breeze !
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After my wooden prototype worked so well, I made myself a couple more out of some scrap nylon
(actually a piece of a cutting board)
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Both work great !

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