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Originally Posted by Mud-puppy View post
Great PSA there Sharp! An ATP/G note if I will: That little battery clip is fragile and attention to detail is important when working with it on a battery change out.

You sort of want to go easy and support the ends when installing the new batts...Even then, everytime I still shudder about how easy it would be to break off one end or the other.....About 4yrs ago, there were a few posts of it breaking when being dropped or on the changeout......

I ordered a spare from a Forum Sponsor here when I was getting some other things...I keep it in the car along with all the rest of my gear just in insurance from being completely shut down and ruining a week waiting for a back-up in Prime season..
I can speak from experience on the ATP battery holder. Was swapping the batteries last year and dropped it on the basement floor. It didn't make it... Quick email to Garrett got me 2 more in the mail free of charge but I do take extra special care when changing now.
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