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When I saw the initial pictures of the shield, the first thing I thought was harness mount, so was interested to see a similar shield inlaid into a rifle stock in later pictures.

Just one example however can't be taken as gospel, as it could be just a one off thing added to the stock during its travels as such decorations are not uncommon...

As a Brit, just a few other points...a Coroner has nothing to do with identifying Finds..certain Finds over 300 years old have to be reported to the Coroner by law and he eventually decides what happens to them, but he acts under guidence from the experts at the British Museum or one of the other major museums...

The Colchester Treasure Hunting site is a pretty good source, but they are not infallible. Most of the finds on there will have been reported to their local Finds Liaison Officer at a nearby Museum who will research the Find and who in due course will give their feed back as well as recording the item on the Portable Antiquity Scheme (PAS)....

The FLO is generally a trained Archaeologist but even so, their identifications are again not infallible either, although usually pretty good.

The PAS database is available to the public and can be searched for IDs and is generally the go to resource for metal detectorists here in the UK :

It's a bit clunky to search, but once you are in and start using the Advanced Search, it's not too bad. a quick tip for the Advanced Search is to always select the box to only search records with photographs as it makes the results easier to work through...

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