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Originally Posted by Rock Jock View post
Excellent find, Bert. It must be getting chilly up there. When do you usually have to shut down for the winter?
Hi Rock Jock,
Thanks for your comments! Here on an island just off the coast of Maine, not far from Mt. Desert Island, the weather is a bit more moderate than 'inland' Maine. Still its no 'tropical paradise'... Historically I am able to get out and dig almost up to New Years Day -- if there is no snow on the ground. Up throughout December grassy open fields usually have enough frost in the ground to prevent digging. That time of year I tend to hunt in the deeply wooded areas where 6-9 inches of organic overburden (decaying leaves and pine needles) insulate the underlying ground delaying hard, deep frost developing. Heavy frost eventually forms and I can't dig in Jan., Feb, and March...

Happy Hunting!
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