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Default Spanish Silver! 1784 1/2 Real!

Thought I'd go out for a brief hunt today on the island where I live off the coast of Maine. I wanted to do something outdoors before the predicted rains for the next several days. Decided to visit a friend's 10 Acre grassy field. Old maps show a long-disappeared homestead there in the late-1700's and another nearby from the mid-1800's that still stands today. Today's search was in the vicinity of one of the old stone walls defining the borders of the property. Along that wall is a huge mound of field stones, presumably removed one-by-one in the olden days when the land was under cultivation. I searched in the vicinity of the stone pile and was pleasantly surprised with a sharply-defined high tone. I dug the target out of the almost swampy ground and at first, based on its size, I excitedly thought it might be a US. "Trime" coin. After a bit of a water rinse it was evident it wasn't a Trime, but a 1784 Spanish (Mexico mint) 1/2 Real silver coin! For years I have seen several of the metal-detecting 'stars' on YouTube extract similar coins, but never dreamed to find one up here on an island on the coast of Maine!

Oh yeah, on the same hunt I also found a 1935 Washington Quarter -- that alone would have made my day...

Happy Hunting!
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