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1911 and 1919, would still be "keepers" in my thinking. I used soft shells from peanuts like the old Planters peanuts, eat the pesnuts first for body colon fiber, then the empty soft shells, which will not scar or scatch the peanuts. But I soak them first in Worcester Sauce, it will dissolve the crud like you have. Then if the coins are still cruddy, the soft shells of the peanuts with water and some soft cleaner powder. Bonami if I spelled it right, is pretty soft. I used to sell all kinds of lapidary equipment, even Lortone. If new cast jewelry, I used casting jewelry metal and it polished the jewelry as well. Now Zinc pennies, I would used walnut shells or other peanut shell with water and and a polishing slurry. Just need to be clean for the bank to take them...
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