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Originally Posted by cellrdwellr View post
Awesome finds, congrats on the assortment of goodies!
Thanks cellr!

Originally Posted by Buellride View post
A Nice "Token" Kinda Hunt for you David..surprised you didn't find your normal triple SLQs

Too bad that 1900s era property didn't bring up more treasures of the shiny variety.

Great job as always.
Thanks Paul! I was hoping for some good shiny stuff, but based on only three wheaties and a few clad quarters, the high tones had already been sniffed out. At least I did pull some tokens, those are always welcome!

Originally Posted by Coinboy View post
Awesome finds Shiny!
Thank you Coinboy!

Originally Posted by MTJosh View post
Cool finds David. Tokens are awesome. I like them better than another general silver coin any day.
Look forward to detecting with you soon.
Thanks Josh! I will be gone a fair amount in later June but definitely want to get together to detect as soon as I can!
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