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Default Double MONTANA token & "V" Nickel hunt!

First time out in a week or so, headed out hoping to get the OK at one yard here in town. I think I tried about 4-5 homes, no one home, so headed a bit south of Hamilton and was pleased to get the go ahead at a large stone foundation country home, I would estimate built ca 1900.

The yard was huge, with some nice shade trees, and a well kept and mowed lawn area. The hunt started out slowly, and over the course of three hours of detecting, there were not that many targets, giving me the idea that the property may have been hunted in the past. I found some shotgun shell bases, early, along with a couple of older rifle cartridges, and finally a wheat cent, 1919. That gave me a bit of hope that there was still something there, and based on the age of the house, I altered my "acceptable" targets with the AT Pro to chase more mid tones than usual. Just south of the main sidewalk going up to the house, I got a typical IHP signal and was delighted to pull out a "QUEEN HOTEL BAR / R. A. ESTEY / POTOMAC, MONTANA" brass trade token, good for 2 1/2 Cents in Trade! Potomac is pretty much a ghost town with a few residents, and is located north and east of Missoula. I found a pic online, courtesy of the Montana Memory Project, which I have posted for educational purposes only, which shows the hotel and saloon.

About 10 minutes later, I got a 80-81 on the Pro, and pulled out an aluminum "HIGMAN BAKERY // GOOD FOR 5 LOAVES OF BREAD" trade token (this one is from Hamilton Montana ca 1905). I did get a couple more wheaties, a 1916 S and a 1934 D and that was it for pennies. There were very few modern coins, I dug one Copper Memorial and 4 Clad Quarters.

On the opposite side of the front sidewalk, I hit a 10' x 10' area that produced a nice 1905 V Nickel, and a short time later a 1897 V nickel. Near the sidewalk I pulled a pretty rough looking 1964-D Silver Rosie. That was about it for the yard, I did cover it carefully, and enjoyed some historic finds, thanks for your interest!
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