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Default A few finds from a promising new spot***UPDATED***

I've been hitting an older part of town lately . Went there this weekend with my friend for a few hours . I found a decent amount of clad and a surprisingly low amount of trash . First interesting find was a 2011 Ulysses S Grant copper dollar . Rang in at 31 on the Nox about 4" deep and about blew my ears off . It's not worth a whole lot but I really like the Liberty side of the coin .
Next up was a 1953 Wheatie . I've been MDing for about 3 months and this is the 3rd wheatie I've found , I'll take it
My favorite find of the hunt was a little tiny , almost wiped clean coin . It hit at 21 on the Nox and was 8"+ deep . I thought it was a really worn out dime when I pulled it and didn't look at it again until I got home . I haven't cleaned it other than a couple of swipes with my thumb . It's not a dime . It has a Roman numeral 1 in the center . After looking at US coins smaller than a dime , I'm pretty sure it's a foreign coin . I looked at Mexican coins next since I'm only 350 miles from the Mexican border & at one time Arizona was part of the Mexican territories . I found that a 1883 Mexican One Centavo had a Roman numeral in the center and was slightly smaller than a dime . I checked the diameter and it was right on the money . I'd like to clean it to try & get some more details but I'm a little apprehensive in doing so . Any thoughts ? I'll probably cross post this coin in the "Help me identify my finds" section to see if anybody may be able to shed some light .
Thanks for looking & HH .

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