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Originally Posted by Wolf-Dog View post
1943-D United States Mercury Dime

Thanks for the neat contest, AirmetTango!
Originally Posted by Wolf-Dog View post
1943-D United States Mercury Dime

Thanks again for the contest, and congrats on the seated quarter!
Originally Posted by AirmetTango View post
We Have A Winner!!!

Just dug silver at a local park....and something a little more reasonable than a seated quarter this time! Not that I'm offense, but I'd have been happy to start digging boat loads of reales and half-dimes and extend this contest for an eternity!!

I just got a hard shallow hit in the copper penny range, cut a shallow plug expecting a memorial, and ended up being surprised by a shallow Wheatie...but the real surprise was on rescanning the hole and realizing there was more!! And that's when I popped out a 1942 Merc, no mint mark!!

I'm still out hunting, and only did a quick look through the list, but it looks like Stiffwrists is our lucky winner!! I'll confirm later, and PM for shipping info! Congrats Stiffwrists...a fitting prize to celebrate your reaching 100 silvers earlier this week! :thumbs up:

I was sooo close! Congrats on the silver, and congrats to Stiffwrists on winning the contest!

BTW, thanks again for hosting the contest.


Matthew 6:19-21 ~ 2019 Clad: 207 Coins ($14.25)
Totals: 607 Clad Coins ($40.40) ~ 1 Wheat Cent ($0.01)

1 Token ~ 4 Foreign ~ Oldest Coin: 1945 Wheatie ~ Au: 0 ~ Ag: 0
Garrett Treasure Ace 300 ~ Harbor Freight 9 Function ~ BH Jr ~ GP-Pointer

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