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Default Posting pictures help (with graphic examples)

If you have the photos on the hard drive of your computer here is how to add them to your posts -

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after you click on the paper clip, then "browse", search for the folder on you computer where you stored the photos and choose the photo you want to upload. (also notice the maximum file size chart)

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you can upload 5 photos at a time after you browse and choose each one individually

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close that window after you see all photos have uploaded

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now you're ready to add the photo(s) to your post -

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IF you need to resize your photos, you need to do so before choosing and uploading them, I use the "Paint" program that is built into Microsoft Windows, if you don't use Microsoft Windows you'll need to use a similar program.

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If you want to just use part of a photo -
(if you need to both resize and crop, I would crop first, then see if you still need to resize)

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