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cellrdwellr 11-06-2018 07:23 PM

Last 2 hunts, silver and dirt yella!
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Hey everyone, got out for 2 hours both today and yesterday. I managed two mercs, a really nice 1905 V nickel, a wheat and what I'm thinking to be a REALLY old button yesterday. Today was just crazy! Tried a new area at a park I have done well at in the past. It was literally pouring, I almost didnt hunt. But I finally got that golden monkey off my back! 4.4 grams of 14 K! Last gold was 2015 I think :roll: possibly older gold too??? If anyone has ANY input on that style of marking would be awesome! Also got a 1929 merc and 2 wheats and these cool Connecticut tokens. Can't wait to grid this spot out some more, I got a good feeling :cool: thanks for looking and happy hunting!

KiowaRd 11-06-2018 07:29 PM

Love those V nickels. One of my very first finds 35 years ago was a V. Still looking for number 2 :)

WyoTom 11-06-2018 07:48 PM

Very nice finds! Awesome ring!

coin whisperer 11-06-2018 08:01 PM

Very nice finds!! Congrats on the gold!

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IDXMonster 11-06-2018 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by KiowaRd (Post 3025808)
Love those V nickels. One of my very first finds 35 years ago was a V. Still looking for number 2 :)

Thatís dumbfounding Kiowa,I find V-nickels very regularly(1 every 15 hunts maybe). Probably have 20 of them,if not more. One thing Iíve noticed,on the CTX a reading on one may be 12-13 in an air test. If that same coin is buried 8-9Ē deep,the reading might degrade to a 12-07 or 12-08,so down the Conductive scale 5-6 points! Digging by depth has been the key as well,0-6Ē targets are not considered in most of my sites.
Just spouting off,not preaching or bragging. Im simply noting that they are absolutely out there,just perhaps bypassed due to a low reading at depth...
Good luck on your second!:grin:

IDXMonster 11-06-2018 08:09 PM

It feels good to be a DIE HARD S.O.B. when you come up with this stuff buddy! Iím glad to see youíre having great success,youíve certainly earned it. Being wet and cold sucks,mud on everything sucks. But a TRUE HUNTER will never consider letting those things get in the way of the chance to find just one more more more gold ring. For us,the treasure hunt is the ultimate thrill.

L0S3R 11-06-2018 08:42 PM

I love the Connecticut tokens, beautiful design. That ring is gorgeous as well. I still havenít found a v nickel or a buffalo [emoji25]

Bounty hunter - treasure hunter - cabelas
Best find to date - 15g platinum ring and 1876 love token

zeemang 11-06-2018 08:55 PM

NICE, dirty gold is tough to find, way tougher than wet gold!

Captain Silver 11-06-2018 09:04 PM

Congrats Jeff on the trio of Mercs, V nickel, button, CT transit tokens and especially the vintage gold's likely 100 years old or more with that block 14K mark. Excellent digging!

JAK 11-06-2018 09:07 PM

Congrats on finding the real good stuff! Those raining days are sometimes the best.

Waveoff 11-06-2018 10:03 PM

Another fantastic hunt! Congrats on the dirt gold!

Buellride 11-06-2018 10:04 PM

Big time congrats! Love the V nickel and the YELLA!

jack&jill 11-06-2018 10:04 PM

Congrats Jeff on a pair of very nice outings and putting some Gold back on the menu. Trapper

Land Loper 11-06-2018 10:33 PM

Every cloud has a silver lining. Very nice finds !

Foragist 11-06-2018 11:04 PM

Well, it's about dern time, man! Nice looking mercs and V nic, but great looking gold band! Looks old to me too, but I have no specific knowledge on that mark. The pouring rain just made this a more triumphant success.
The flat button looks like it was cast in a 2 piece mold...but specific knowledge...

GroundSweeper 11-06-2018 11:38 PM

Amazing hunting Jeff! Awesome gold! Wahoooo!

pinheadken 11-07-2018 02:29 AM

Silver and Gold's a great day!:yes:

Ron 71 11-07-2018 06:59 AM

You've been determined to find that old gold and it definitely paid off,
Big Congrats to you buddy! One heck of a season you got going!

HannibalNectar 11-07-2018 11:58 AM

Great hunting! I'm actually surprised it's the first time you have done it in over 3-4 years!!I do it a couple times a year at least... Beautiful gold ring regardless, the rest ain't half bad either, congrats!

Jamflicker 11-07-2018 12:01 PM

There you go, you got your gold. Congrats on the gold and the rest of the finds.

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