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erbdigger 05-12-2022 01:47 PM

Just some of my better finds
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So I am just getting back into the hobby after about a 2 year hiatus. I tend to do this with lots of hobbies but been detecting for 15+ years in total. Here are a few of my more notable and favorite finds. I love anything dairy/milk advertising, so the copper milk can tag with name was awesome, and it's the matching name to the person who lived there in 1887. Oldest coin to date is the 1820 dime with a hole punched in it! Randomly swinging in a pasture and hit it. The house site was 300 yards away in another property. The buffalo on the suspender clip I thought was awesome too. Hope you guys find it as cool as I do! The token is the only one known to exist in my town, and is a trade token for a restaurant on a train during a gas boom in the 1880s Attachment 499897Attachment 499898

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zeemang 05-12-2022 07:08 PM

Great collection!

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