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jimther 07-19-2021 10:54 PM

MTHA (Massachusetts) is meeting again [NOT]
UPDATE: 21-AUG-2021

I posted the message below, just one month ago. Since MTHA resumed meeting in person again, we have had three in-person meetings, after only holding ZOOM meetings for 15 months. At the close of last night's August meeting, our club president announced that the officers have voted to return to ZOOM meetings, due to the recent surge in COVID cases here and across the country. The city of Boston, where I live, has also just announced a return to mandated indoor mask requirements in public buildings.

Let's hope that the vaccination rate increases soon to help stop the spread of COVID D-variant and future variants.

BELOW MESSAGE now obsolete.

The Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association [MTHA] is finally meeting in-person again, after a long layoff due to COVID. We did hold bi-weekly ZOOM meetings, but it's just not the same.

We started up again in June, and our July meeting was last Friday. Our usual meeting site in Newton Highlands is undergoing some building upgrades for safety, so is not yet available to us. Our June and July meetings were held at a building out in Devens, MA, former site of Fort Devens, off Route 2.

As of today, we are unsure if the August meeting will be in Newton or in Devens again, but our web site will announce the location as the August 20th date gets closer. Meetings are always on the 3rd Friday of each month.

Even during the pandemic, we gained five or six new members, and just had four more single or family memberships in June & July.

If interested, please check our web site at, or feel free to PM me.


jimther 08-21-2021 11:22 PM

Please see Update in original post... thank you.

Jim ~ 21-AUG-2021

diggin4clad 08-23-2021 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by jimther (Post 3332908)
Please see Update in original post... thank you.

Jim ~ 21-AUG-2021

What does all this mean regarding the hunt on 10/2/21 ?

jimther 08-23-2021 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by diggin4clad (Post 3333202)
What does all this mean regarding the hunt on 10/2/21 ?

Ed... The club is still planning a hunt on 10/2/21. My UPDATE to this thread was only talking about club meetings going back to ZOOM meetings after three months of live, in-person meetings.

If COVID circumstances change to the point where it would not be smart to hold the October hunt, OR if the State of Massachusetts cracks down again on gatherings of a certain size, such that we are not ALLOWED to host the hunt, then I am assured that all hunt entrants will have their hunt fee returned in the manner in which it was paid. Right now though, things are still full steam ahead for the hunt to happen.

Thanks for asking.


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