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TorqueMaster 10-07-2021 08:41 PM

Intermittent Network Connection
Has anyone else noticed the Forum having an issue with not responding more often lately? I've seen it a fair amount lately, at more or less random times, and just at this site among the many I frequent. Often enough where I feel the issue can't be just coincidental that it's on my end of the internet. It usually does start responding after I hit "Retry" once or twice. Other web sites load normally while waiting for Friendly to respond. I'm guessing I've noticed it for at least a couple weeks now, off and on, could be a lot longer but I just started noticing/paying attention to the pattern.

Curious if others have experienced "Page won't load" type errors, and also letting the sysops know their ISP or host or whatnot may be starting to get flakey. :(

GroundSweeper 10-08-2021 01:10 AM

Iíve not noticed any issues and Iím on here more than I care to admit :lol:

TorqueMaster 10-08-2021 01:07 PM

Thanks GroundSweeper.

I think for me the majority of the time, the issue happens when trying to log in. I do not check the box that says "keep me logged in." It's when I refresh the tab I was last on, to clear the expired login information in the upper right green box, that the website balks sometimes.

GroundSweeper 10-08-2021 01:20 PM

I always check that box when logging in so I donít have to log in :lol:

I donít usually do that on sites, but I like to visit this one a lot soÖ

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