Black Sand switch verses GEB


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Feb 4, 2006
Lebanon, Connecticut
Hey, my Classic III has a black sand switch that is supposed to make the unit work much better over wet beach sand; has anybody had any luck using this on wet sand? Also, on the models with GEB, does adjusting the GEB cancel out the wet sand problems? I thought maybe if hunting on dry sand and moving over wet you would adjust the GEB for wet sand an you would be all set. Just wondering as my buddy may be selling a 6000/DI and I was wondering if it would be any good at the beach.


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Jan 13, 2006
Black sand switch just moves the whole discrimination range sideways a bit.
On normal sand it could cost you performance though on some bad land sites its will improve matters.
Ground balance is another thing thats not straight forward. On older machines all metal and motion modes didn't work to well on wet salt areas. You would use the TR non motion discriminate mode to balance out the salt ( at around the silver paper reject setting).
With a Fisher CZ 5 or 6 to get more depth on very small items on some salt beaches it was best to combat the problem by ground balancing by the bobbing method just as though you were on land. This could really add to depth comes the drawback. If you didn't get the item out in the first spadefull of sand then the hole itself would also give a signal making pinpointing difficult.
The 6000Di was a good machine in its time and works fine on the dry but there's far better wet sand detectors out there.
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