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A place where those of us from Eastern Washington can find each other quickly.
18 25 93 0
12:29 PM
The goal of this group is to culminate the knowledge and experiences of metal detector enthusiast who endure highly mineralized soils on a regular basis. We would like to hear from coinshooters, gold prospectors, and anyone knowledgeable or interested in detecting in highly mineralized areas. Our hope is to raise awareness of the effects of mineralization and which detectors, coils and methods are most beneficial to those suffering. (This is for people that live in areas where mineralization causes problems, not necessarily those that want to detect around old mines.)
14 5 6 5
01:44 AM
This is for all of y'all who dirt hunt in the historic filled state of Florida.
49 4 10 10
12:16 AM
This group is for the enjoyment of coin shooters, collectors, and all coin addicts! A great place for coin identification, pricing, and research for any type of coinage. This is an extremely useful reference spot for every coin enthusious. Share your thoughts. All are welcome to join and start a discussion!
136 33 120 46
08:27 PM
We are Diggin' It With Friends at our annual event and discovering lifetime friendships. We're also discovering hundreds of miles in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Hunting for silver & gold. Join us!
63 55 368 24
07:37 PM
This group is for people who want to get together to go metal detecting in the lebanon , pa area. Hope some people are interested!
8 2 4 0
11:56 AM
Hi all anyone in the area, any good ideas or out of the box ideas on places?
26 10 27 3
08:22 PM
Welcome, come sit a spell! I just joined last week. This is fun!
1 1 14 0
09:57 AM
Diggers in the Mississippi Area
6 2 2 0
07:25 PM
A group for people in the nashville Tn area to help find others in our area. Share some history insight and known events and possible locations if historical places not known by the state or not deemed historical by whomever determines that stuff. Remember just because you know area doesnt mean you will find everything there the more detectors swingin the more area youll cover and the more finds youll have.
4 2 2 2
09:47 AM
A friendly group for those interested in getting together and detecting NEPA.
16 11 24 0
03:18 PM
If you are in the triangle area of NC join the club, or in NC in general join in as well.
2 1 1 0
12:34 AM
We are a group who enjoy being outdoors with our machines. There's always the question of, What will I dig up next; a diamond ring, an old coin? Or maybe just a piece of trash, which gets hauled off and disposed of. We meet the last Thursday of every month at the Golden Corral in Weslaco at 7:00 PM. Our club hunt is the Saturday prior to the meeting. Everyone is invited to the meeting.
2 0 0 1
Just looking to start a general discussion about detecting the the Valley and north through Winchester area. Feel free to post up if you detect in the area.
2 1 1 0
11:38 AM
Share your stories, experiences and finds from around this area!
24 4 8 16
08:56 PM
For Metal detecting enthusiasts in The SW Pa area.
32 5 7 0
01:50 PM
MDer's from Knoxville to Chattanooga
14 4 20 0
08:49 AM
For the happily-banned, soon-to-be banned, or intentional deserters of "The Original Treasure Hunting Website".
6 2 37 0
02:19 PM
We are a group of people who enjoy metal detecting in the Wichita area. We have meetings the first Sunday of every month. We are an informal group that has a lot of fun. Facebook: Wheat State Treasure Hunters
44 70 126 13
08:04 AM
We are a Metal Detecting ghost town hunting group. If in our area of Wichita Falls, TX or South Oklahoma join this group and let's plan hunts and more.
9 3 3 0
04:56 PM
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