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03-02-2012 until 04-02-2030
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Contest Rules and Info.... PLEASE READ


This forum has been created for members who would like to create contests or partake in contests.

Play at Your Own Risk

The forum owners, administrators, and moderators will not be held responsible for contests being held by members on the forum. We do not encourage contests or endorse them, and will not be held liable for the outcomes. Do not post complaints and dissatisfaction in the results of Member Contests. If there are disputes, please contact the member that started the contest. We will not be put in the position of being the "middlemen."

Please do not post links to other websites/YouTube Channels that are holding contests.
Contests must be "self-contained" and not lead members off the forum to participate in the contest, or to win a prize.

NO RAFFLES will be allowed. Contests should not require the participants to have to spend money.

Thank You,
The Forum Staff


"How to hold a contest" by Kansas Dave

* A contest should have a tangible prize, whether it's a pack of mints or a brand new car.
* A challenge is competition where reward is the completion of a task.
* Having others do work for you and disguising it as a challenge is lame. Instead of holding a contest, just post "I need some help blah blah blah." There are plenty of helpful people here.

Every contest should contain the following:

* some sort of theme
* specific rules (ie you must say "this is for the blah blah blah contest" at the beginning of the entry)
* end date (2-4 weeks is plenty of time)
* number of entries permitted
* judging criteria
* prize

- Contest holders should announce winners in a timely fashion. If people are entering your contest, show them a little courtesy in return.


Thanks for your input Dave.

Updated 4-9-2012

These Forum Rules were adapted from the main forum rules. Friendly Forum Rules

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