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Old 11-23-2009, 02:26 AM
ScottM ScottM is offline
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Default Cen-Tech pinpointer modification

I have a Cen-Tech pinpointer.

I want to change out the button to a toggle switch.

Seems like in the past, I saw steps on this forum on how to accomplish this.

I have tried searching many different ways and have not found the information needed.

Would anyone have a link on how to do this?

Thanks for your time.

Scott M
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Old 11-23-2009, 02:47 AM
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If you send me some pic's of it and the wiring I can tell you how to do it. PM me with the photos and what not, I can tell from them what you need to do.
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Old 11-29-2009, 03:40 PM
spikeo spikeo is offline
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Default CenTech Pinpointer switch replacement

I just finished Changing out my push button on mine . For some reason every time I Pushed the button it was like loose wire or something the light come on and would flicker and you had to play with the push button to get it to stay on ,Vey annoying while trying to pinpoint around in a hole . I decided to go to the local radio shack and bought part no.275-1565 SPST PUSH ON-OFF ''SOFT-FEEL-SWITCH .It is quite easy to replace the switch .Here are the steps
1. Remove four small phillps screws the case
3.cut wires from old push switch (cut them as close to the old switch as possible)strip them back about 3/8 of an inch
4.put new switch in , run the wires through the two holes in the new switch
5. you can solder them to the new switch or maybe glue them ,I just ran my wires through the holes and twisted them back around the wire so it was a tight fit for them and it connected well
6.the new switch come with a washer on it and a nut you can tighten them to the side with the main board in it .Replace the case and put the four screws back in it

This is about the best I can do to describe how its done it is simple enough to do and will cost you only a few bucks .I think I paid like $3.50 or so for my new push switch and it is one that you can push and it stays on and when you done push it again and it will turn off

If you have any questions post here i will check back often
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