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Old 11-09-2017, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Wolf-Dog View post
+1 on the Harbor Freight 9 Function. It also has a pinpoint button & volume adjust as well as a headphone jack. It runs on 6 Double A's (AA) and detects coins at around 7''-8'' deep.

My brother (Torpedo) uses a Bounty Hunter Pioneer 101 (aka Tracker IV) which is also a great detector (under $100). It runs on 2 9-volts and detects coins at about 8'' as well. Also has a headphone jack.
MINUS 1 on the Harbor Freight...

That thing is NOT worth investing in. The technology in it, makes it a kids toy. SURE, you can definitely find stuff with it, but you really cannot tell what it is, until you dig it up. Heaven help you if you decide not to discriminate out gold (you'll hit every piece of iron out there). It's not well made, either.

The Tesoro Compadre is very well regarded (and not too pricey!), and it's a tank, but aircraft lightweight... Built to last, VERY good machine, but lacks some of the tricks/display fun that you get with other entry machines.

I started with the ACE350, and found it to be a HIGHLY capable machine. The extra data on the display made it a lot more fun, too. I used the Harbor Freight for 3 weeks (close to 40 hours), and while I found $15 in change with it, I spent most of my time digging up complete garbage. When I switched to the ACE, I immediately jumped to about $1 an hour in change. Better machines pay for themselves in time/efficiency gains. That, and it's a lot more fun to be digging good stuff (or targeting things like "only quarters!").

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Old 11-09-2017, 10:36 PM
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Thumbs up Bounty hunter treker IV

Originally Posted by parkedo View post
If you live near a Hobby Lobby you can use the 40% coupon to get a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV for around $70.
Just bought one last month to send over seas to the Philippines for my nephiew's son. He liked the one i took there to detect with this summer. I got it at Hobby Lobby using the 40% off coupon . Very durable machine and a good starter unit. I take one to the Philippines when i vacation there and use a 4" coil and hunt in all metal mode ,because of all the trash there. We sent it by boat so he should get it about Christmas ,it is summer year round there , lots of beaches and little competion.

Fisher F4 , Bountyhunter Treker IV ,BH discovery 3300, Whites TRX pinpointer, finds mostly clad nothing worth posting , just retired at the end of 2017 ,so hope I can spend a lot more time detecting in the future.

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