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Old 08-31-2017, 10:56 PM
davidlhyde63366 davidlhyde63366 is online now
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Default Japanese treasure

Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
Not sure how you jump from someone pointing out "more plausible explanations", to this other extreme. OF COURSE if proof is offered, then it ceases to be the camp-fire-legend lore caliber story.

IMHO the measure of a good and true treasure hunter is the person who asks the hard-questions of the stories he's being told. To explore if more plausible explanations exist. And the measure of a lesser qualified treasure hunter (more likely to waste time) is one that simply believes any story put in front of him, with dreamy glossed over eyes. In the end: The critical thinker is going to be the one who comes in with the most finds. JMHO
It was the current president who anounced it , the Marcos family helped him finace his election , their oldest son ran for the vice president slot last election. If they give back some of their ill gotten gain it may help him run for President next time around. Any way if there are pictures in the paper or news reports showing the current president with some of the gold bars ,you are saying you will be a belever in the Japanese treasure ?

Fisher F4 , Bountyhunter Treker IV , Whites TRX pinpointer, finds mostly clad nothing worth posting , really enjoying this hobby, looking forward to much more of it.

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