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Old 11-07-2017, 07:54 PM
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That is truly epic Ronon-senpai! Wow!

So much work! You must be so tired and sore!
I just hunted 4 nights in a row for the first time ever and I feel completely beat up! And I just barely hit the 15 hour mark.

I totally recognize some of those silvers! The T&Co Atlas is exactly like the one I found a while back, as well as one of those silver feather pendants. Must be popular stuff!

And all that clad-- holy cow. The totals on clad alone have got to be over ichi-man, right? That's fantastic!

Also-- you cleaned that 50cal casing so well! I've got a bunch of those that i've never even attempted cleaning-- what did you use? Forgive my complete ignorance, but are there ever any dangerous parts left over in old rounds like that? Like if I find one intact would it be dangerous to run electrolysis on it? I seriously don't know the first thing about firearms (new or old), so I'm vaguely wary.

Anyhow-- seriously congrats! Amazing work out there!

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