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Old 03-28-2018, 10:29 AM
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Default Bring On Summer!

First the rules. Should be easy since everyone reads them anyway right?

1. If you edit ANY GUESSING post in this thread, you will be disqualified for the whole contest.

2. If you happen to guess the right numbers BUT you didn't follow the rules you will NOT win the prize. You will however be able to guess the next week you meet the rules.

3. If you do NOT have the required 200 posts to enter the contest and you get them during any week the prize hasn't been won. You WILL be able to join the contest the FOLLOWING WEEK.

4. ONE guess of two sets of numbers per week. If you choose to make two guesses, BOTH will be disqualified. If you make only ONE GUESS, DO NOT edit your post or make another entry. You just have to accept the fact you got one chance that week.

GUESSING ENDS at 10pm Eastern EVERY FRIDAY. So does the post count for the Mega Ball number.

Those should be simple to follow.

After the Mega Millions numbers are drawn this Friday the contest begins. You have to have 200 posts to join the contest. Then you have to make THREE posts before you enter. Once you make three posts you are qualified to make TWO guesses. They need to be formatted like this:

12 23 37 Mega ball 13
19 45 62 Mega ball 9

The numbers from 1 - 70 are used in the Mega Millions. The Mega Ball is 1 - 25. The first three numbers have to match EXACTLY 3 of the 5 numbers drawn. The Mega Ball number can be off by as many posts you make that week AFTER the contest starts for the week.

It is YOUR responsibility to see if you win, not mine. I will only verify it.

If nobody wins the first week the contest will begin again the next week, BUT you will have to make three posts in order to make another guess. This will continue till we have a winner.

In the event of a TIE, the person that is closest to the actual Mega Ball number will win, if that is a tie, we will have a sudden death for the next Tuesday's Mega Ball number.

Numbers are from the Mega Million drawing ONLY on Friday evening.

You pick two sets of 3 numbers and the Mega Ball number

The first three numbers have to match 3 of the 5 numbers exactly.

Then the Mega Ball number can be off by as many posts you make.


Lets say you make the three required posts after March 30th and enter

Your numbers are 2 14 23 and your Mega Ball number is 14

On Friday three of the 5 numbers they choose are 2 14 23 and the Mega Ball is 17. You will have won because if you add your three posts to 14 you get 17.

Prize is EVERYTHING you need to be a successful treasure hunter.

* (see below)

Minelab Equinox 600, upgradeable to 800 at your cost.
Sunspot Stealth 720I, upgradeable to 790,i 920.i or 990i at your cost if any.
Carbon fiber handle for Stealth from Sunspot
Leche digger
Garrett Carrot
Awesome finds pouch for water or land

Prizes have been bought from Phil at Meyers Detecting, Chuck at Sunspot Scoops and a pouch dealer online. The Equinox 600 has been paid for but he is NOT holding one in case someone wants an upgrade. I cannot control when the prizes will be shipped.

SHIPPING cost is YOUR responsibility if any not included.

* IF you are a Michigan resident. Your prize is a new Cobra beach magnet detector with an awesome PVC scoop and Cen-Tech pinpointer, and a nice new Ziplock bag for your finds. Nothing but the best for you folks!

ANY questions PLEASE shoot me a PM. Thanks!

Forgot to add these stipulations to the mix

If you have won a detector package from me you are not eligible to enter. (That would be only one person.)
If you have won a Sunspot Scoop or a Garrett Carrot from me you can enter. However, if you win, that part of your prize will be forfeited. I hope that seems fair to all. (I will hold another contest for that prize.)
IF I have you on IGNORE. I REFUSE to take you off for my contest. If I never comment on your posts or your finds you can bet you are ignored. (If someone tells me you won I will honor it)

Please leave a ring after the beep, Thank you
Fisher CZ-21 (3), Fisher CZ-20, Tesoro Tiger Shark (2), Whites Dual Field, Minelab Equinox 800 (2), Whites Eagle SL2 Find me on Facebook Scuba Detective

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