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Old 01-10-2018, 08:52 PM
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Default A couple of coins and relics from Oz

Havenít been out much lately, but here some of my better finds from my past two hunts. First hunt (6th Jan) was at an old park where Iíve done well in the past. Again, no silvers this time but I did manage two pennies (1913, 1952), a British halfpenny (1908), a badge from WW2 which was given to all Australians who returned from fighting (itís got ĎReturned From Active ServiceĒ written on it), a British Royal Navy uniform button and about $15 in change.

The other finds are from yesterday (10th Jan). I found a large strip of land where once 29 old houses stood (thatís a lot of ground to cover!). First coin for the day was a 1910 British penny, followed by a lot of junk (I dug about 10lbs of rubbish that day, most of which copper, brass and lead). Someone else had already been hunting here because I saw their holes and the rubbish beside them, but that wasnít going to deter me. They missed quite a few things, including a shilling, penny and halfpenny so obviously they didnít do a good job at hunting the site. After three hours, I decided to go a nearby park along the Swan River to look for some clad coins. Didnít do too well there, ($7), but I did find a decent coin spill, so I went back to the old homesites for a few more hours. Within five minutes of returning I found $7 in someoneís old driveway, followed by a 1925 sixpence (.925) and a 1916 British sixpence.

Other interesting finds included an Australian shoulder flash from WW1 (worn by a soldier). I didnít know these things existed until a few days ago, and ever since Iíve been wanting to find one! I also found an old badge (also from WW1) which reads ďJunior Red CrossĒ, a couple old toy cars and a whole pile of other unknown things. Hunting this site wasnít particular enjoyable because itís right next to a major road (I had a very large audience) and I found out that itís a popular route for trucks and ambulances.

The weather for the next few days isnít looking too good, weíre in for some rain from an ex-tropical cyclone but hopefully the ground will get a little easier to dig in.
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