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Old 09-08-2017, 04:41 PM
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Default My "White Whale" spot spits-up one last coin

I called this field (corn stubble) the White Whale because of the way I've pursued it's non-existent bounty of coins This was the 1st field that came available to hunt, as they're starting to harvest corn. Since I'm on my "comeback tour", after a few years away from detecting, I was looking forward to hunting a spot with the possibility of some older finds (clad from the Parks is fine, bud just doesn't trip my trigger).

My 1st hunt, I dug 2 Wheaties and a clad Rosie. I went back a 2nd time, and the DeLeon started acting-up, so I grabbed the Vaq to finish.....digging nothing I vowed then I would pull one more coin from this field before writing it off, if it killed me.

Third hunt was pretty much a test run for the DeLeon after repairing some bad wiring connections. Again, came home empty handed for my efforts. As I pulled away from the field, I rolled the window down, and shook my fist in anger at it, and vowed "I will not be defeated".

I arose from my slumber this morning ready to rumble as they say. Today I will exact my revenge I thought to myself, as I then proceeded to spill my coffee all over the table. SO after refilling my cup, putting my sippy-lid on this time, I headed to the field, but this time I had a trick up my modded (ground balance) Cibola....mock me now you 2-penny producing plot of corn stubs....MOCK ME NOW!!!

I hunted for 4 hours, digging every signal I could above nickle. I was even hovering over a bad target until I thought I heard the faint call of a good signal in all that scratchy-clicking was all for naught. I dug several good signals, coin size signals, saying out loud "be a coin, be a coin"....but alas, my pleas went unanswered.

I'd decided to start working my way back toward the front of the field ,and my truck. I jumped a row now and then, doubled back here and there, went an additional 50' down a row now and then....but the light of my desires was starting to flicker.....the flame of victory was starting to darken.

Here it was again, a signal I knew was going to be another screw top or piece of can slaw.So I kicked Excalibur (my new shovel) into the Earth and flopped-out a mass of dirt, swung the coil over the plug.....yep, got to be another piece of trash. So I kicked at the dirt here and there, isolating the pile that held yet another disappointment for me.....when.....wait, what's this? Could it be? Surely not, yes, it is! It's a coin! IT'S A COIN!!!!

I know I heard trumpets blare in the background, and I'm sure it was my imagination, but I could swear I heard the roar of applause from the crowd much like that of a packed NFL stadium.


So I put my gear in the truck, but before I climbed into the drivers seat, I turned- around for one last look at the "White Whale", pulled a foot back, and kicked dirt in its face.

Then I jumped in my truck and got out of there as fast as I could....a WINNER!

For the TLDR crowd: I found a Wheatie
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Tesoro: Vaquero, DeLeon, Cibola with GB mod, and Compadre (with coil swap and 3-D mods).
Fisher: 1265X

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