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Old 12-02-2009, 03:12 PM
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Default Minelab excalibur II settings?

Alright all you "Minelab" users, I'm trying to understand the settings on a new Minelab II I just purchased for "water detecting." I'm having some difficulty with the dynamics of tuning this machine to optimum performance. I'm reading all the books and manuals but maybe too much so. It's getting blurry. Can any of you guys help me? Just pretend that I'm say,,,6 or so and talk to me in plain english. I'm just not "getting it!" Thanks to all who respond. Jack T.

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Old 12-03-2009, 04:07 PM
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There are some sites you can Google where you can download .wav files of the Excal and Sov. sounds for good and bad targets.

Do some testing with different coins, rings, pull tabs, nails, etc. and listen to how they respond.

I rarely hunt in auto sens. Run the sens in manual at around 3 o'clock, if it clatters, reduce till it quietens.
To get use to the disc setting sweep a nickle while adjusting the disc knob. Make note of where the coin drops out and back it down a bit.

Personally, on the beach one should use no disk and dig all signals.

The key is the sounds, learn what a high, full signals sounds like, and how it enters and leaves the coil, especially the fullness of it.

Good luck, you have a fine machine in your possession. If you haven't read Clives book I suggest that also .

mr007s,,,,,Life is Good

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Old 12-06-2009, 08:31 AM
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Default Excal II

I appreciate the information. I've read "Clive Clynick's" books and dozens if not hundreds of other posts in the Internet. It gets a little confusing and blurry with so many different suggested settings from so many sources. What I have distilled from this is valuable information for anyone reading this. And that is; there is an "x" factor that is going to change every one's settings. "The geography or conditions of the ground (beach) you're working." The "learning curve" is directly contingent upon your being able to identify target sounds, this is true. But also keep in mind the dynamics of any change you make and how it affects the other settings. When I say your beach is different from my beach and every other beach you must take this into account. There is no "one" setting or formula you can use. What it really means when people say "practice," is getting to know the subtle nuances of the machine and the ground you're working if you ever want to master the machine. For all the beginners out there, be advised that it's going to take some actual work, yes work, to become proficient with the Excalibur II. My best advise is to take all the advise you can get and "distill" it until you find the ones that work for you and your area. I think Clive says; "listen to all your targets then decide which ones to dig." There is no "magic" formula or "set and go" on the Excalibur II. You spent the money for one of the most technologically advance metal detectors that's available. Some people think that purchase bought them a "magical gold finding devining rod." 100 hours of learning curve is just the beginning. Good luck to all!
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