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Old 06-11-2018, 12:06 AM
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Default Possible Civil War Battle reminiscence?

Hello, My name is Hunter i recently got involved metal detecting this past fall as i came across it on youtube since im a coin collector it came up as a suggested video and the spark clicked i evenutally bought a bounty hunter tk2 and a garrett pro pointer, i live in southern pa 10 miles away from the maryland border i recently discovered a old cemetary/park area i originally started out at i dont remember the name of the place i do remember it was awkardly placed on a backroad it was a rocky pathy to get to the road that was straight up hill i started roaming on the outside of the woodlands near the park area and looking a few 100 feet through the woods was an opening i went to check to make sure no one owned this land it was very confusing the best way to describe it was an open pasture with woods on each side and the opening went on for miles with no end in sight i went back and forth through pasture for at least an hour giving up thinking nothing was there i went to go back to where i originally went i eventually none the less got a beep from my dector it was a very obvious answer what i found it looked like a part of a trigger and a possible place that the trigger attacts to the rifle it wasnt in the greatest shape but thats what you get in Pennsylvania's soil i went back through the woods and came across old barbwire and some type of old metal container and before dusk i came across a pipe in the ground blowing it off thinking it might be just a old pipe i started looking at it theres slits in the bottom of it like it were sitting on something and theres an obvious lip like most cannon barrels have and the other end looks like it broke off thought you guys would know alot more then me and could give me some valueable insight i know nothing about identifiying war relic's im more of a coin guy and id greatly appreicate any feedback from any of you in regards to what it might be i know its a shot in the dark but its got my curisoity peaked i do know the union army marched through glen rock,pa at one point but that would of been 10-20 miles away.

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Old 06-11-2018, 08:49 AM
waltr waltr is offline
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My guess is that is just a old pipe that was hammered into the ground as a stake. The flaring is the top where it was hammered on and the split near the bottom is from water freezing. Your last picture of the old rusty farm stuff puts this into a time of late 1800's through early 1900's.
I also have a few pipe stakes in my garage that look like that

The partial gun action with trigger is interesting but seems to be not nearly as old as Civil War. Best guess is semi-modern rifle or shotgun. Maybe someone here can ID the gun.

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