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Old 03-14-2019, 06:28 PM
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Default A Stranger ID's my favorite find of the day

Well, it was forecast to be in the 60's today and Mike and I made plans to hit an old one-room school house site on which the owner is going to build a house later in the spring. Turns out to be about two inches of mud on top of ice... My first hole, which I had to scrape and chop, turned out to be a '43 quarter. A 1926 wheat penny and a few odds and ends later, and I whacked the largest organ reed I've ever dug. There are lots of good targets there and I decided to leave until it thaws a bit more (don't want to destroy anything else chopping at the ground). I DID find a big heavy hunk of iron that I found interesting.

Driving home, decided to try one of my favorite field spots. The ground was better there; not quite as frozen with the looser soil. Found two copper thimbles, a button with a locomotive, a suspender clip, a little drawer pull, and a few old shotgun headstamps. While I was digging a hole, a guy stopped and trudged through the mud toward me. Thinking that maybe the farmer sold the land in the fall and didn't tell me, I figured the guy was going to yell at me to get the **** off of his property. Nope, just a guy who lives down the road who is also a detectorist and saw me out there. We talked for a while about some spots, exchanged numbers, and I walked back to the road to head out. Showed him the stuff that I found at the prior school site. He looked at the floor of my car and asked what the big thing was. I picked it up, and he looked at it and suggested it looked like the dinger from an old (big) bell...

When I got home, I did some googling, and I think he's right!! I found the clapper from the old school bell! I find that very cool, even if it IS just a big hunk of rusty iron.... I included a photo I found on the web of an old church bell clapper that looks just like it to me. Whatcha think?

Oh.....don't google "clapper bell".... just don't.
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