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Old 04-19-2018, 01:59 PM
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I have purchased about every popular detector in the last 6 years. I faithfully run several ATP's for many years with great success. Then I got an XP Deus and love it. But with all the hype of the Equinox series I put myself on an 800 list but went ahead and bought a 600 because you can get them now, not Spring of 2020😅🤣. Anyways for the slight difference in price between an ATP compared to an Equinox 600 (around $100, or less if get a Military discount) there is no doubt, no comparison at ALL between the two...the 600 crushes the ATP! I have all detectors listed above so I'm not blindly spouting stuff off that I can not back up with real evidence. I will keep 1 ATP as a backup, for my will be a third string detector😅. In absolute seriousness, go for the Equinox 600 if you can affort it. If can't afford it then save up the extra then buy it. You don't need the 800, the 600 will perform great.

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