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Old 06-17-2018, 09:04 AM
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Default Hand rolled vs machine rolled

I find most silver in the machine crimped rolls then the hand rolls.

The hands rolls I typically think are more searched through for the silver and keys. While as the machine rolled ones don't have a way to distinguish silver.

Which surprises me. I would think these big banks had coin counters similar to coin star where it rejects silver.
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Old 06-17-2018, 09:29 AM
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Close to 50 banks in my town and very few counting machines.
Several banks are now charging customers to make cash deposits, 20c per $100 deposited...geered towards going cashless...they also charge for minimum balances, maintainance fees, and direct-deposit amounts. Sheesh! Greeeeedy much?

I’ve been a roll hunter since the mid-1970’s, was searching about $30k in coin per year between 2008-2014. I found thousands of silvers in that time. I liked the customer-rolled dimes because of the chance of solid silver rolls, and found several almost solid ones. I loved to sit down with $2k-$3k in rolled dimes and could search one and re-roll it in less than ten seconds, I was only interested in stacking silver. Hundreds of mercs and silver Canadian dimes were also found. Quarters, meh...halves, ok, but just too much competition and dumps although I found over a dozen solid silver rolls of halves.

I found out early on that the fastest way for the silver finds to dry up was to educate and gift the tellers, especially the new ones. Older tellers pass up the 40% halves because back in the day you couldn’t give ‘em away lol.

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