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Old 09-22-2018, 01:26 AM
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Default 4 1/2Hrs . 2 Spots

I hit this local permission who had their lawn turned over . Twice , once for 1 hr. and the final time for 1 + 1/2 hrs .This was a corner house built in the late 50's early 60's .I don't really like door knocking but I was reeling from the shock of one of my old spots now being locked up. Not because of detectorists but because of irresponsible Dog owners who can't pick up after their Dogs !
I got this info straight from the guy who will be locking it up from now on . The last night I hunted there I saw the lock and chain on the cyclone fence but it wasn't yet securing the gate .I figured I'd better hunt where I could keep an eye on the gate as I don't figure I could climb a 6' cyclone anymore without severe repercussions .Well , it wasn't more than 5 minutes and 1 nickel later I heard the new gatekeeper calling " Oh Sir , I'm going to be locking this gate now . So much for one of my nearby spots that has given me some great finds over the years .

What was amazing was the home right next to it , that very evening became my new permission .

I had visions of some common silver , maybe some quarters maybe even a walking Liberty . Nope didn't happen . Both trips got me 1 shiny clad dime ( probably dropped and covered by one of the gardeners ) , 6 Memorial pennies , 2 zincolns , 3 toy cars , an old window closing thinghamajig , A few pulltabs ,an empty Budweiser can with the pop top still closed on it , a round , top piece from a cyclone gate ( it rang as 50 cents ) . I eyeballed an old Coca Cola bottle stamped Modesto Calif , a plastic propeller and a nice Baseball in incredibly good shape ( the Dad and son both coached so they took the Ball ) . It was fun and they were a great family so that made me not feel so bad about not finding even one silver .

My other hunt was in one of my last 2 nearby , remaining wood chip playground areas .I found $2.85 worth of clad and the small little junk jewelry items pictured .This 2 hr. hunt had a few crappy moments though as there were three little brat kids there doing everything they could to get in my way even though I was doing everything I could to keep out of their way . Meanwhile the mama or whatever the heck she was , just sat nearby jaw jacking on her cell phone the whole time and letting those little lunatics run amuck ! ( I guess most of us have seen this scenario) .

I don't know why I keep detecting , there must be something wrong with me .
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Old 09-22-2018, 02:15 AM
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You had me at thinghamajig!

Great post, an adventurously good read.

$2.85 is awesome for a totter, at least from my perspective lately where Im lucky to find 26 from one. Never know when the goodies will show though!

Happy hunting!

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Old 09-22-2018, 03:02 AM
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$2.85 in clad is a good hunt. I've been out longer with much less!

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Old 09-22-2018, 07:44 AM
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The finds display looks great ! That's some cleaning job 👍
Good report and some clad for the jar is always welcomed.

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Old 09-22-2018, 10:08 AM
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Nice, that Coke bottle looks mint!

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Old 09-22-2018, 11:06 AM
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Neat finds !!!!!

Wish I could detect the back yard where I grew up, but even if the current owners gave permission it wouldn't help, we cemented in the back yard when I was in my teens I think, besides it is way way too far from where we live now (maybe I could have found any coins and small toys I dropped as a kid )

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