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Old 05-31-2019, 05:25 PM
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Default Well, well, well...this is certainly different!

Normally KT hopes to find silver halves in His Royal CRH Hunts, and the finds may run from Walkers to Bens to 64 Kens and various years of 40%Ag Kens....But this week was different! And not in a bad way!

Here is the recounting:

Box 1 - 1 keeper NIFC, and 1 clad Proof.
Box 2 - 1 clad Proof, 1 87 Ken, and 1 D. McArthur Korean War sticker Ken.
Box 3 - Here is where it got different....1 Ag Proof, 1 Ag bicent. Ken, 1 keeper NIFC.
Box 4 - 1 NIFC keeper, 2 clad Proofs.
Box 5 - a total blank!

Sot the total is: 2 silvers (1 proof and 1 bicent.), 3 NIFCs kept, 4 Proofs, 1 87 Ken, 1 D. McArthur Korean War sticker Ken.

So a real nice variety with oddball silvers to boot!

Now to the pics, the first of which shows the two silvers, Proof on the left, then pic shows their edges, still with the proof on the left. Both are real pretty and went in the 90%er tube! No pics of the 3 NIFCs (2 2007 and 1 2012, KT needs more of these years to finish his tubes of them. The rest of the pics are self explanatory. Enjoy them!

Now tomorrow is the big day! Flea market in the morning to find that coin seller and see if he brought me those 30 90%ers. If he does I will take some pics and post them in the Family Friendly Post section....Wish old King Totsalot some luck!
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BH Tracker IV, Tesoro Compadre, ATPro; 2019 CRH totals: 123 40%ers, 137 90%ers, 30 proofs, 347 NIFCs, , 4 87 Kens, 0 foreigns, 3 Au-plated

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