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Old 06-08-2019, 08:29 PM
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Default The New DeepTech Vista X Metal Detector

Guys who have been waiting for a new Tesoro for the past few years are now sad faced, since Tesoro has closed its doors. Great units, just got stuck in the past with design and circuitry. It was suggested to use the Tejon as a platform, as it was a great detector, just lacking in features and improvements. Suggestions regarding improvements to the Tejon were disregarded, and now the Company is in dire straits--closed the doors, laid everyone off, now the property is up for sale.

DeepTech stepped up to the plate and listened and released recently the new Vista X. Will full discrimination from the tiniest piece of iron right up to pop can. The end result is what the Tejon could have been.

I field tested the Vista X and can definitely say, having been an avid Tesoro owner and user for the past 10 years. Tesoro fans would be impressed with the X. Keith Southern in the US and ZiggyJix in the UK posted some videos.
Check out my updated webpage for more info and links, videos and my field test.

Here's Keith's comments:

Nickle 14.5"
Indian Head 13"
Z Penny 13"
Copper Penny 12.5"
Clad Dime 12.25"
Silver Dime 12.25"
Silver Quarter 14"
Half Dollar 15.25"
Silver Dollar 16.5"
.58 Cal. 3 Ringer 13.5
C.S.A. Rectangle 23"
U.S. Oval 25"
Breast Plate 23"


Nickle 34
Indian Head 38.5
Z Penny 39
Copper Penny 43
Clad Dime 44.5
Silver Dime 45
Silver Quarter 46
Half Dollar 48
Silver Dollar 50 still solid
Coke Can flat 45
Square tab 34

The X has very good Disc actually a sweet disc its gone when its gone on the dial just today I set my second disc on 38.5 to low/high tone a .58 caliber three ringer and hunted in a trashy area and picked some deep 3 ringers out by checking on second disc and if the tone was flip flopping I almost KNEW it was a bullet!!

You can set the 2nd disc to break up (flip flop from low to high tone) on a target which I like for exactness or silence the target or accept etc..

If you dont want to hear a low tone for disc'ed items just turn the iron volume to zero.then its a single tone with full disc on either first or second disc.

You can use both disc to create a notch window if you like to your exact requirements say nickles.Set first disc right below nickle and second disc right above or on edge of breaking then you have a user defined notch to check a target with .

You push trigger forward to use second disc and pull for a all metal no tone accept all mode like a pinpoint.theres 2 triggers for either right or left hand operation.

Machine is on 12 Volts with Drop in battery holder like say a Infinium with quarter turn door.

The Gain control is the receive gain.A amplifier for the returned signal and can be tweaked for hot ground or more benign ground

The Threshold is the depth/target size control and decides how weak a signal you can hear the lower you set it the more signal it takes to break though the higher you set it up to a point of say 45 the less signal it takes to over come it.even in deep woods EMI free areas you will overdrive it into instability as a sizzling chatter..Im running it right on edge of sizzle for best depth and even smallest of targets.

The I've dug no big iron with the X since running it now about 25 hours.Even in my big iron sites.I hear it but know its iron by the way the tones sound even n just nail reject.of 20.And picked brass out of the sites of all shapes and sizes.

Crown caps also sound ratty.

The knobs are very tight and you can set them and wont bump them out of tuning..One thing to show the exactness of the disc is I can cancel a flattened beer can and still hit a Quarter Clean

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Mirage PI ,Nokta Anfibio-Multi, DeepTech Vista X
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