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Old 09-19-2021, 12:29 PM
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Default Picking Up An Old Detector Fun

I own 7 good detectors but haven't been in the field with but just a few in years. I decided to take my V3i out yesterday to troll along the jog trail, instead of the Equinox, because the coil on the V3i detects better in a continuous walking pace, than the DD on the Nox does. Well I got to my location and immediately realized I didn't have the V's headphones. I was going back to the car to head home and not do any hunting, when I decided to try the old V3i in lakeside area which has a lot of people at times. It's trash city, pull tabs all over the place.

Strangely, I quickly hit a 75 Vdi and it rang a bell, it was a dirty dime, basically on the surface but out of view. Ok, luck. Then in a few minutes I hit a few signals, first were square tabs, but then a solid 22 Vdi came through and like the old days, there was a nickel. I killed about an hour, having simple fun and realized, you really never forget your first machines.

Good, simple exercise away from the boob tube and a nice reunion with the V3i. I've used the Equinox there after getting it, and I am bound to take it there and try the 10x5 coil to see if it snap up simple clad as easily. Point is that a machine which hasn't been outside, away from my home property for several years, still kept memory cells in my head.

Just because you don't think you have a chance to find a silver or any piece of jewelry, clad can be fun.
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Old 09-19-2021, 06:25 PM
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Good read. Many oldies are still great fun and productive.

Best find in 45 years of detecting- A good time.

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Old 09-20-2021, 01:45 PM
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I enjoy hunting with my older machines. I have newer ones but often grab my original Silver Sabre to hunt with. I usually do about as good with it as I do with my newer machines. Of course I don't have the latest or most expensive detectors. About half of my detectors are vintage detectors. They still find coins.

CZ-6 Original Silver Sabre Garrett 2500 Oldest coins 1855 French Dix Centimes 1871 IH 1877cc Seated Liberty Dime 1888 V Nickel

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Old 09-20-2021, 07:54 PM
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Ive taken my Compadre out a few times lately and prefer it in tot lots and Im debating trying it lakeside for gold too

EQX800, Dos Compadres : 2021 (Total (4/13 to date)) - Clad: $42.75($1123.19), Silver coins: 8 (50), Wheats: 22 (165), Gold: 0 (27), Plat: 0 (1), .925 10 (98), Rings: 13 (247), Oldest Coins: 1919,20 wheats, 1921 Ten Centavos Filipinas; Chinese cash coin

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