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Old 10-30-2020, 12:10 PM
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Lower the sweep speed the deeper you will go. Ground balance noise cancel tone 50 sweep speed 2 iron bias 0 should hit 8 inches on silver. I tried it the other day on my soil hit a Washington and wheat penny at 8 inches 2 different holes. I wouldn’t use a beach setting in fresh water. Use park 1

Anfibio multi /Equinox 600. Total silvers FTY 120 34 rosies 46mercs 2 v nickels 236 wheat cent. 1 silver charm 5 barber dimes 15 Washingtons . 1 barber quarter. 1 half dime 1 chuck of a Washington. 2 walkers 2 SLQ 1 silver pin. 1 morgan dollar 1 seated dime. 1 barber half. 6 war nickels.1 silver ring.

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Old 11-05-2020, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Compass View post
Thanks timmysys, The main reason I got the Nox was because of its ability to find gold chains but it took me about 2 years to find one with it.

If you do some bench testing you'll get an idea on what modes work best for the gold chains. I have also experimented with hunting in single frequency (40 khz) for the lower conductors. Typically, I run my sensitivity 20-23, swing speed at 4 and tracking ground balance. The gold chains I have found have had TID's in the low single digits (1-2).

With these settings I do find a lot of trash but I'm used to that from using pulse detectors at the beach.
I did some bench tests. A thin 14k gold chain weighs 1.3g. I alternated modes and frequencies. I examined Park 1.2 modes more closely. In multifrequency, Park1 is barely perceptible, Park 2 is already better. What surprised me was that Park 1 15 khz already sensed the chain very well. At 20 and 40 khz as well as Park 2. I’m going to try it in water as well. Thanks for the advice! I don't have to get stuck in Multifrequency.

Thanks for the advice Compass!

Tapatalkkal küldve az én ANE-LX1 eszközömről
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