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Old 02-09-2019, 06:06 PM
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Default Snow hunt equals 52 Grams of Silver goodness !!

Braved the Snow this morning in Ashland Oregon which is about the oldest area around here. When I got there is started Snowing pretty hard and the snow was weighing down my Coil making it hard to swing, so I took to the Tree's.
about 10 minutes in I found this Tree that the exposed roots formed a hollow in the shape of a U. Was the strangest thing and In hindsight wish I had taken a picture of it. This area was about a 3 feet wide 4 feet long and about 18" from ground to top of the root.
Started swinging in there and immediately got a penny signal. Then another, and another. then I got a Dime and got out of the tree. Went around to the other side and found a few more clad coins. Stuck my Coil back in the area and got a quarter. I am like oh heck yes this is the "Giving Tree".

Well kept looking and in a hidden sort of corner I got a nice quarter signal but was pretty choppy so I decided to investigate. Got down and started digging and about 4" down I pulled out this necklace. It was quite tarnished and wasn't really sure what the heck it was as it is quite an unusual necklace due to it's size.

Well after about an hour of just pulling pennies and avoiding the snow I took off and headed home.

Got home and started cleaning the necklace and gave it the old aluminum foil, boiling water and Baking Soda wash and got the tarnish off. I then pulled out my test kit and did the following as it is unmarked.

First I scratched my stone as Hard as I could and did a Silver test.. Dark Red
Next I did a test with 18k Acid and it was a Milky white and stayed that way.
Next I took some bleach and tested a small area and it tarnished very quickly.

So It passed all of my tests for Silver and is solid through out each strand as in not plated. What purity.. I have no idea but I am happy with my find.. It is for sure the biggest piece of silver weight wise I have ever found.

Dimensions are
32" long
about 3/8" thick in little strands of rope.
Weighs 52.57 Grams

Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting all.
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