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Old 07-09-2017, 06:07 PM
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Default Setting up the Teknetics Gamma 6000

Hi !

Please see steps below. These are my thoughts on the proper way to setup the Gamma 6000. My hope is that this post will help to ease frustration for anyone having difficulty using the Manual and putting it altogether. If you see something that needs to be corrected, please advise.

Good Luck with your Gamma !


#1..Ground Balance, Sensitivity, Threshold and Discrimination all affect each other, so for good results use the following setup procedures and sequence.

#2..Begin the setup using All Metal mode for maximum depth and scan the ground to locate a "clean" metal-free area for Ground Balancing. Maximize the detector's target identification accuracy and depth of detection by using Ground Grab, unless you are gold prospecting, searching a wet saltwater beach or an area with so much metal trash that there is no "clean" ground for the detector's internal computer to sample. In those cases, it is preferable to use Manual Ground Balance.

#3..Since we know that raising Sensitivity lowers the Threshold, exposing more target signals, we should raise the Sensitivity as high as possible without causing erratic sound. The maximum sensitivity is 99, however, the detector will behave differently above 90. From 05 to 90 Gain is changing. Above 90 the Threshold level changes and above 94 audio will be noisy or sound erratic. If your sensitivity setting is below 94 and you are still getting erratic sound, it could be EMI or another detector operating nearby, so try lowering Sensitivity and/or Volume.

#4..Accepted target signals pass on to the Control box, but first go to the Discrimination circuitry, where they are either accepted or rejected, depending on where the Disc. is set, and if accepted are reported audibly and visibly. Now it is time if you want to switch from All Metal to Discrimination mode and set the Discrimination level. This completes the basic setup, unless you want to set Notch, or reset # of Tones and Volume which have preset defaults of 3 for # of Tones and 10 Max. for Volume .

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