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Old 01-09-2017, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SuchMuch View post
Don't they realize that deep targets (whatever conductive qualities they have) fall into hot rock zone/ground zone or iron zones? Shooting only brief signals in coin zone is the way to loose deep coins

Yes, using a lot of discrimination or avoiding certain signal ranges they will miss some good targets. Its a trade off. Lots of hunters have limited time to detect so they're willing to give up those iffy signals and concentrate more on getting as many good finds as possible in the limited time frame.


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Old 01-09-2017, 07:35 PM
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I like what you say about those odd signals th
ey can be something great Ive seen exactly what your talking about. The deus does the same thing when the coin is touching the end of the nail.It does the ODD signal. The racer 2 will actually high tone with it touching the nail but for me it likes to false alot in iron and I chase ghost signals alot with it where as with the deus I know it and dont have so much trouble with it.I understand you guys using the fancy screen machines but for what I do I just dont need that so the 2 pound machine just fits my needs better,
Originally Posted by BottleCapKing View post
As long as I use the right swing speed/recovery delay, I can detect a coin touching the point of the nail. It will be an odd signal, but, at depth, I will dig all "odd" signals. Odd signals in my experience occur when there are two different targets with widely different conductivity are under the coil. The oddity of the signal decreases as the size of the coin used in the test increases. I started out using a dime, because that is the most common silver coin I find is.

I tested this after I saw that video, using a straight, moderately corroded square nail, using both the 6x10DD and the stock 10DD. No discrimination. BCR of 4. Both 3-freq and 2.5khz. I have not tried this on the 950 mostly because I will get better separation using a DD.

The beauty of the V3i is the wealth of information you get dependent upon how you configure it. I plan on doing more testing in the future with various orientations and structural integrity of the nail. That is a better test. How good a high end detector is comes down to how well the user knows it and what information can be gleaned from what the machine is telling you.

A perfectly laid out, "incredibly unlikely to ever happen in the field" test is not a very good representation of anything. It is akin to "air testing", which I believe to be another over-rated test. Not to mention that you won't swing in one direction, across the nail and over the coin and just stop there. On the back swing, you are going to catch the coin first and then the nail. Recovery delay and swing speed...
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Old 01-09-2017, 08:19 PM
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I have had V3i and still own 2 complete Deus units.


Weight,,,big time.

V3i is a boat anchor weight detector that balances poorly with stock 10 DD coil attached-- coil mounts too far back IMO.

V3i is a battery hog,,,get ready to buy rnb battery if you use a lot.

Screen is plum beautiful,,,little glare,,,op can have different color scheme background to suit their eyes and lighting conditions.

Navigation takes some time,,,and their are a lot of settings,,,with minutes changes available.

Learning curve,,I rate as moderate to difficult depending on your experience,,,coming off of DFX will help.

External speaker works well,,good and clear.

Nice pinpoint button trigger.


Light weight
Charge up batteries and hunt all day

Smaller screen,,,but very legible

Menus are set up nice,,,and settings changes can be made on the fly,,,reground balancing doesn't seem necessary,,,unlike the V3i depending on what you change----- for peak or near peak performance.

Speed,,in separation,,,,IMO Deus with 11" coil outperforms V3i with 10dd coil.

Pluses for V3i,,,modern junk targets if not too deep can be ID by dominant freq displayed on meter,,,Deus can't do.

Depth-- I rate very near one another,,,but there are coil size differences.

Deus is more digital sounding,,,White's more boxy sounding.

Discrimination system,,,I rate Deus tops here,,,and this goes for more than even the V3i,,,,with the Deus minute adjustable disc,,,you can really pound the iron sites,,,and knock out just the smallest of iron.

All metal,,,,V3i best Deus here,,,Deus AM mode,,,,hard to keep tuned.

Warranty--Deus 5 years
V3i less

Seems both have been receiving good manufacturer support.

Coil availability--- V3i has more different sizes available vs Deus-- currently only 3 sizes available,,smallest is 9".

Also,since the original post in this thread,,,Deus has had version updates,,adding a few capabilities,,,,using full tones is one of them,,,and this feature really makes the Deus what it is-- great Hunter in and around iron.

For deep turf coin hunting,,,where digging is limited,,V3i I give the nod.

For relic hunting,,,Deus wins by a mile.

I hope this helps folks who are trying to decide between the 2.

Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab Etrac, 2-Xp Deus, Nokta Anfibio Multi, Tarsacci mdt-8000
Pinpointers -- Garrett Propointer, White's TRX, Makro, XP MI-6,,remote travels use Can am Defender Hd10Xt side by side

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Old 01-10-2017, 05:20 PM
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Can't help myself but to drop the last argument, as already done on other forum : Ground Balance vs Rejection

White's is a machine with true ground balance, this means it doesn't cut ground signal within signals located very close to ground signal (deep signals), but deus cuts entire sector with all kind of signals.

This means XP Deus will never approach the depth White's detector hits until Deus is tweaked properly via engineering menu.

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