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Old 01-11-2018, 05:41 PM
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Default Starting the year off on a good note...silvers #1 & #2 plus a Buff.

It got nice and warm today here in Pittsburgh so I decided to go detecting. I've been itching to try out the NEL Tornado coil on the Etrac to see how it compares to the Ultimate 13" I finished up last year with. First, I went to a pounded park that I found a Rosie at with the Ultimate. It was super trashy so I used the 8x6 SEF to start. My first coin dug was a '43 war nickel. I didn't get to detect long before I had to run home so that was the only coin I found there.

I then headed out to a large yard at a coal mining village house that I've pounded with other detectors and coils. This is the same yard where I found my first silver quarter last 1894 Barber. It seemed like targets had dried up at this spot. Enter the Etrac armed with a Tornado coil... At first I was really annoyed because the cable was a B***H to thread up the shaft. Then I had to remove one of the grommets on the lower shaft to attach the coil. I was thinking that this coil better show me some love after fighting with it! I was scanning areas that I had gridded previously with my Vaquero. I hit a solid 10-12 about 4" down and out came a Buff that was on edge. I then moved over to the backyard close to the house. I had previously gridded that area with my Compadre and Vaquero. About 5' away from where I dug my first Barber quarter I hit an iffy 12-46 to 12-47. It had that high pitched silver sound to it and I just had a good feeling it was going to be a silver quarter. Sure enough, on edge about 4" down was a silver rim. I plucked it out and cracked open the coin ball to reveal an 1899 Barber quarter!

I think I'm going to like this Tornado coil. I can run it at a higher sensitivity than the Ultimate in the same spots it seems. I'll need to do a few more hunts just to make sure. Pinpointing with it wasn't too bad either.

Ironically, I started off last year with a war nickel and a Barber quarter as my first two silver finds for the year.

Minelab E-TRAC
Tesoro Compadre
Tesoro Vaquero
White's TREASUREpro

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