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Old 01-14-2018, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by coin chaser View post
Just had to ask! There is so much speculation and banter about this unit. I wish it would just come out so the threads switch to actual info. Iím tired of hearing about it and what itís ďgonnaĒ be.
Given the choice between NO pre-release marketing like the old fashioned 'keep them in the dark' and 'they will take what we give them' attitude of older companies & the current wave of new manufacturers and the way their marketing involves their clientele in the design of their products.

This IMHO will then enable the manufacturers to make metal detectors that the end user want and NOT what the manufacturer dictates to them. Makro & Nokta have been world leaders in this area and their customer base loves it -

The Racer2 is a prime example - 'you asked for it & they delivered'

Now if you are sick of the pre-release marketing, which some mistake as hype. Then simply stop going into the threads - I made my decision to get one not long after it fell out of a helicopter and I simply duck into a thread every now & then in anticipation of its release.

I remember a similar strategy from Garrett recently and during their pre-release they listened to their loyal customers and delayed the release to add a volume control to their MAX.

I love this form of marketing BUT do not recognize it as 'hype'

Its the way it should be to have a mechanism for the customer to have input with the manufacturer and it appears to be working better than previous methods. I believe the old method was manufacturers forum, where if you posted something they did not agree with, the post was either removed or the thread was locked - That's how some manufacturers handle their feedback/input from their loyal customers & that's all fine and dandy. I prefer a tool maker that listens to the end products user - It guarantees a better result everytime -

Just my 2c

Time for a Brewski
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