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Old 07-16-2017, 06:21 PM
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Default Rings around the Rosie...

Went back this morning to the 1930's school to continue working my way around the perimeter of the old ballfield...had a bit over 2 hours of digging done when kids and their parents began showing up to play a game, so with the day already a success I packed up and left. I was getting tired anyway from all the work only 3 pieces of trash turned up with the coins I was digging, and I dug a lot of clad...$8.14 worth, including one of those dollar coins...also recovered 8 wheats along with the silver and sterling silver #124, sterling #23 and #24... That's all I have for today and probably for the next several days as the heat/humidity is returning and I have other things to do...but when the next hunt takes place I won't be using the Explorer II. I'll either be out in the water with the Sword...or dirt hunting with a #*%...&@! As always...thanks for the looks and Happy Hunting!

2017 totals...silvers-141/oldest-1780 1 Reale,1800 Half Reale/.925-30/14K-2/18K-1/coppers&LC's-8/oldest-1721 KG I Farthing,1721 French Colonies Sou...Minelab FBS and BBS detectors/GG & D/C headphones/Garrett's album-Metallica-Ride The Lightning (1985)

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Old 07-16-2017, 06:26 PM
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Dang that's a great hunt, congrats!

2 Compadres : 2017 (Total (4/4/13 to date)) - Clad: $171.52 ($611.22), Silver coins: 0 (4), Wheats: 5 (28), Gold: 3 (16), .925 19 (47), Rings: 33 (130), Oldest Coin: 1940 CAN cent, 1940 Jefferson, 1940d Wheat

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Old 07-16-2017, 07:17 PM
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Another great hunt from Capt Sterling...ho hum...

Nice work as usual! Congrats.

XP Deus, 2016 (2017): 66 (66) Silv, 566 (250) Wheats, 2 (1) V Nick, 13 (15) Buffs, 11 (10) IHC, 35 (21) Tokens 4 () Gold, 19 (20) Sterling, $ 185.80 ($251.58) clad
1807 Draped Bust Half Cent, 1866 Shield Nick, 1914D Wheat!

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Old 07-17-2017, 07:05 AM
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Another great hunt Capt. Congrats on the Rosie and the sterlings!

Sand Shark, MXSPORT, X-Terra705,305, Garrett pro-pointer AT
2017 (Total)...Clad-$191.48 ($529.93)...Silver-3 (13)...Gold-1 (5)...Sterling-10 (30)...Wheats-22 (86)...Oldest-1865 2 cent piece

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Old 07-17-2017, 07:19 AM
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Nice job capt! Good luck with the new rig!

☆ML Etrac 2017☆
*W-445~IH-51~2CP-5~LC-8~HC-2*1723 Hibernia*

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Old 07-17-2017, 09:23 AM
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Sweet finds!
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Old 07-17-2017, 12:33 PM
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Cool finds and congrats on the sterling and rosie!

Etrac Totals since 12/27/10 (2017) - Clad: $2820.11 ($201.69), Silver Coins: 1375 (117), Wheats: 6045 (610), .925: 235 (21), Oldest Coins: 1814 Large Cent, 1860 1/4 Real, 1888 Seated Quarter

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