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Old 11-26-2021, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Pete e View post
I used the Amber Room as an example because it's a factual documented case of a "lost" treasure from relatively modern times. Does that make all similar stories factual? Of course not...

From a treasure hunting perspective, would I invest time and money looking for the Amber Room? No, (not because it never existed, because it did) but rather because like you i suspect it was destroyed.

Sadly, Tom is so cynical about all these treasure stories, that he can't answer a simple question which is are there any specific stories/legends he feels could be credible?
The completed amber room panels were originally installed in the Berlin City Palace. In 1716 Peter the Great of Russia was visiting and told King Frederick I's son Frederick William I how much he liked the room. I always speculated that Frederick William I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of something that was difficult and expensive to maintain. So, Frederick gave the room to Peter the Great and that also sealed the deal on the Russian-Prussian alliance against Sweden. Frederick killed two birds with one "room sized" flashy trinket with that deal.

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